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Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov – Residency of South Bohemian nobility

The period of prosperity of this picturesque town is connected to the reign of the Rozmberks (1302 – 1602), who made Český Krumlov their residency. At that time Český Krumlov was also a point of contact of Czech inland with Austrian and Bavarian Danube space and with northern Italy. This influenced the remarkable renaissance look of the town and the castle. At the end of the 17th century, under the reign of the Eggenbergs, the baroque theatre was built and the castle garden was reconstructed. The baroque look was given to the town under the reign of the Schwarzenbergs. Except for the deconstruction of the city walls and gates, no significant architectonic changes have been made in the town since the 19th century, therefore the center keeps its original historic image.

Winding streets, romantic hideaways and a unique complex of municipal houses with an impressive view of the castle above the Vltava meander, exquisite exhibitions of world famous artists, concerts, music festivals, theatre plays, pubs, cafés, medieval taverns, variety of tourists from all over the world and a lot more – that all is Český Krumlov. Small and cosmopolitan at the same time, town with unique atmosphere, surrounded by intact natural landscapes. Since 1992, Český Krumlov is in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

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